Car Performance Meter PRO Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Car Performance Meter PRO v. 2

Testing the app " Car Performance Meter PRO v.2", measure speed, power, brake and acceleration. Can show the data in a mapa and share the track and ...

Android Horse Power App in car use and overview

A review of Engine Power Meter Android app. Showing the app working with in car footage of the app and car dials. Although no longer available there are ...

GPS Acceleration ( Android app for measuring car acceleration )

mph/kmh support configurable speed range

DigiHUD Android App - Get HUD on your Car in 5 seconds!

Here's a quick review of the DigiHUD app, which I thought would be cool to show you while I was stuck in traffic. (Please don't try this while driving unless you ...

Android App Review: Mobile Performance Meter

A really quick review of the Mobile Performance Meter application for Android. If you liked this video or any of my other videos, be sure to subscribe to my ...

Car 0-100km/h acceleration meter. Android application.

Meter your car 0-100km/h or 0-60mp/h acceleration time using your Android phone. Follow "How to?" application instructions to see how to use it. Pedal to the ...

Car Performance Measurement

Introduction to App:

Shift OBD2 Android & iOS Engine performance app

Shift OBD2 transforms your iOS & Android device into an all in one performance tracking and troubleshooting device for your car.

VBOX Sport and Performance Test iPhone App Review

In this episode we're testing the new Racelogic VBOX Sport performance meter and it's companion Performance Test app for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Torque App for Android. See your car data

Using the Torque App for Android, see all of the Data your car reads with OBDII. Also reads and clears fault codes. See HP, Torque, Speed, Accel, Fuel data etc.

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